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Bartender Multi Tool – Traveling Bartender Tool – CS-40

All in one Bartender Multi Tool is made from stainless steel and beechwood in a black padded gift box.

Our Bartender Multi Tool is 9″ and long includes 10 of the most popular bar tools you will need.

Muddler – Crush fruit, herbs, spices, etc.
Reamer – Squeeze juice from your favorite fruits
Channel Knife – Create twists and other garnishes
Jiggers – Get a perfect 1 oz or 1/2 oz pour every time
Zester – Capture the tang and aroma of citrus fruits
Knife – Slice and dice ingredients and garnishes
Stirrer – Blend cocktails thoroughly
Strainer – Separate ice from liquid as you pour
Corkscrew – Uncork your favorite bottle of wine
Bottle Opener – Pop the top off a beer or mixer




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